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I am a professional geographer and land planner with 8+ years of experience in land planning, GIS, web mapping, visualization, conservation and project management. I have worked  in multidisciplinary environments with a full range of clients from private and nonprofit land owners to local, state, and federal government agencies. I’m interested in freelancing opportunities in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Cartography, Planning, Web Mapping, 3D Modeling, and Visualization.


A couple of cool projects I am currently working on:

Visual Information Manager

Continental Divide Trail Coalition - Fall 2015 - Present

My goal is to educate the public and work with federal and state land agencies through visual mediums to advance the goal of protecting the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail and its corridor in perpetuity.


  • Full website redesign and overall organizational re-brand.
  • Collaborating with public land agencies like the Forest Service, Bureau  of Land Management and National Park Service to develop best land use practices as they relate to the protection and completion of the trail.
  • Produce all print and digital media as it relates to the trail, including maps, volunteer reports, web resources, and newsletters.




Western US Tour - 20,000+ Miles Covered - 1,000 Miles on Foot - Spring 2015 to Fall 2015

Planner and Geographer

BURY - Fall 2013 to Spring 2015

BURY was a multidisciplinary civil engineering and design firm.  I worked as a Planner and Geographer in the Landscape Architecture studio, doing site analysis, field mapping and coordination with the engineers, as well as modeling and rendering.   BURY has since been acquired by Stantec.


At BURY I worked closely with private, public, and non profit landowners to develop short and long term land use strategies and best use practices of properties in Texas.  I also acted as a landscape designer and planner at all scales ranging from small pocket parks, to regional parks, trail systems, and programmed outdoor recreation areas.  I formed and maintained relationships with private and public landowners to create conservation developments, to inventory and evaluate land assets, and to identify conservation easement opportunities.



Pacific Crest Trail - 2600 Miles - Mexico to Canada - Summer 2014


TBG Partners - Summer 2008 to Fall 2013

During my time at TBG I developed all mapping products, including paper exhibits, digital interactive maps, web-based applications, mobile applications and managed the company-wide GIS data.  I created a new business line developing GIS database driven asset management systems for universities to manage their outdoor assets, develop maintenance schedules, and aid in future planning.  I also worked with cities and communities to develop long range, open space planning and parks master plans.

Outside of GIS responsibilities I also did several large and complex animation projects, including technical animations of highway systems and a private island.  All these projects were self directed and required me to manage both internal staff and consultants.


Backcountry Resource Steward

National Park Service - Student Conservation Association - Summer 2006

The Student Conservation Association Conservation Interns program has a relationship with the National Park Service to place interns in conservation roles for 3-12 months.  I was selected for a coveted position in the Canyon District of Yellowstone National Park.


Preformed trail maintenance for the Canyon District, and worked with visitors in the backcountry office. Performed search and rescue with law enforcement and worked with wildlife management to manage human/wildlife interactions in the park. Received first responder medical training to drive the ambulance and respond to medical emergency situations in both the back and front country.

Developed a kiosk based interactive backcountry campsite selector, using self created GIS maps of local areas of the park paired with 3D panoramic imagery of the designated campsites.